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WaterDeliveryDC.com, is part of the Great Water Delivery network. Great Water Delivery is the most comprehensive resource on the web for bottled water and bottled water delivery services. If you live in the district and are looking for the best water and the best water delivery service, you've come to the right place!

Given the importance of water to your body and your well-being, we believe that you should use the best and we believe that the best water for folks living in the Washington, DC area is, without a doubt, DrinkMore Water. We've evaluated every single bottled water company on the market and have consistently found DrinkMore Water to be the best - the best water (highest purity), best customer service, best selection of products, locally owned, etc., etc.

We are an independent sales agent for DrinkMore Water. If you are looking to get set-up with water delivery service for your home or your office, you can either contact us directly or use us as a resource and sign-up directly with DrinkMore Water. We are absolute experts when it comes to everything water, bottled water and water delivery. Call us and see! We can educate you and make sure that you make the best choice for your family and get you set up with an account - for your home or office - fast.

We encourage you to contact us to find out more or call us today at: (800) 683-3127

Tips for Selecting the Best Water Delivery Service

Here are a few simple questions to ask when considering a bottled water delivery company for your home or office:

  • Is the water you provide purified (and if "yes" how), spring, or something else?

    When it comes to the water that you drink, purity is the most important thing. Did you know that some spring waters contain more impurities than local tap waters? It's true and frequently they contain other substances - things you might avoid if you knew they were in there - and things that you certainly wouldn't pay a premium for! So, you want to make sure that the water you are getting is purified and preferably purified by Reverse Osmosis along with other technologies such as carbon filtration, an ion exchange, etc.

  • Do you offer your service a la carte or do I have to sign-up for a package?

    If you drink a lot of water, you might want to sign-up for a package service - where you get a particular amount of water delivered to you each month. However, some customers will take comfort knowing that they only pay for the amount of water they actually use. Ideally, you want the flexibility to pick between both options. If you sign-up for a bundled water delivery service, you might make a note whether there are 12 or 13 billing periods in a year.

  • Do you offer BPA-free (bisphenol-a free) bottle options for 3 Gallon or 5 Gallon sizes?

    There's been a lot of talk in recent months about the dangerous associated with #7 plastic and bisphenol-a (or BPA) specifically. If you want to know more about BPA, you should Google it or contact us. The bottom line is that if you want to avoid it, you should be able to without being restricted to only small single-serve bottles. DrinkMore Water, for example, carries 5 Gallon bottles made out of #1 plastic which is completely BPA-Free. They also have glass bottles in 3 and 5gal sizes.

  • Are you locally owned?

    Being local may not matter much in some industries - other than out of principle, but in the delivery and logistics business, it does mean something. Our experience with water delivery service proves that local companies can provide faster service on a consistent basis. Try calling a national bottled water delivery company - not their sales line - their customer service line! You'll almost always spend at least 5-10 minutes on hold and it seems like more times than not, there will still be a mistake with your delivery. Time is money - don't get hung up thinking that all of the cost of bottled water delivery service is in the bottle price - it isn't!

  • If I have a problem will I have a live customer service rep to assist me?

    See our point above

  • Do your bottles have built-in handles and spill-proof tops?

    Neither seem too important until you hurt your back trying to "quick-flip" a 45lb bottle onto an old fashioned cooler or ruin your new floors with an accidental spill. An additional benefit of spill-proof tops is that your water cooler remains completely sealed to the outside elements during every bottle change - very important from a sanitiziation / water purity point of view.

About WaterDeliveryDC.com

WaterDeliveryDC.com is part of the Great Water Delivery network. Great Water Delivery is the most comprehensive resource on the web for all things bottled water and bottled water delivery service. Collectively, we have 10+ years experience working in the bottled water industry and we are experts in every aspect of water - from water delivery to bottled water plant operations; water purity to water coolers and everything in between. We are an independent marketing affiliate for DrinkMore Water, Eastern Shore Coffee & Water and a growing list of others.

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